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Skrollex Documentation

Included Content

Root Folder:

  • folders theme-... - template variants (theme-angie, theme-lynda, ...);
  • file index.html - page to select template variant (Demo 1, Demo 2, ...);
  • folder screenshots - screenshots of template variants.

CSS Files:

  • theme-.../theme-custom.css - defines colors. You can generate this file by Customize Panel;
  • theme-.../styles/style.css - defines all other styles - layouts, sizes, fonts etc.

Background Files:

  • folders theme-.../images/bg - background images;
  • folders theme-.../video - background video.

Javascript Files:

  • theme-.../scripts contains scripts of this template;
  • theme-.../bower_components contains Bower libraries;
  • theme-.../lib contains other javascript libraries.

Less Files:

  • Less files theme-.../styles/style.less may be used to generate theme-.../styles/style.css by the less pre-processor;
  • Less files theme-.../styles/themes/theme-....less may be used to generate theme-.../styles/themes/theme-....css by the less pre-processor.

Getting Started

Upload files to web server and open template from web server.

If template is opened from local file system, some links, functions and examples may work incorrectly.

To customize template you can edit css and html files.

If you are familiar with the less preprocessor, you can use included less files.

Also you can use Customize Panel to generate theme-.../theme-custom.css.

Animations disabled on mobile devices by default for performance reasons and may be enabled by changing line "var disableMobileAnimations = true;" to "var disableMobileAnimations = false;" in html.